Encouraging and supporting your child with their guitar lessons

For young students to get the most from their guitar studies parental support is vital. Three things are key, showing a keen interest in how they are progressing, encouraging them in their playing and enforcing the discipline of practice.

Right from the outset I ask my students to set themselves a schedule for practice. If this is set up from the beginning students will add this to their other after school activities. I ask parents and students to arrange this together.

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Every week you should listen to your child playing their guitar. Not formally, but in a relaxed environment for pleasure. Some children are natural performers, others decidedly not. Don't push children forward to perform if they really are not happy with this, just listen together at a quiet moment that you have.

Also, look more widely for ways to share music together. Lots of arts organisations have events for people to get involved in trying out instruments or singing in choirs. Most weekends and during the holidays there are free concerts in relaxed settings aimed specifically at families. Do their friends play an instrument? Maybe when they meet up they could try something out together just for the fun of it.