For primary school children

I begin the course of guitar lessons with a range of folk tunes from around the world (London Bridge Is Falling Down, Frère Jacques), songs which will often have been sung in school or at home. Alongside this I introduce one octave scales and arpeggio exercises to start developing my students' technique. From single line melodies, I move onto pieces which combine a melody line with simple bass accompaniment, again drawing on familiar material (Sur Le Pont D'Avignon, Red River Valley) and introduce simple chord accompaniment for songs.
For secondary and adult students

The chances are the reason you're looking to take guitar lessons is that there are pieces of music you'd love to be able to play. Taking this as a starting point I'll work with you to develop your technique (picking, strumming, accompaniment for singing) and introduce a range of material from classical, folk and popular music. The guitar has a rich repertoire and tradition waiting to be explored played and enjoyed.